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Masturbating with a massaging shower head is one of the most popular methods of masturbation among women in the US, but no one seems to want to talk about it. Well, I will. I created this site for other women who have not been introduced to this method of pleasure. I will briefly discuss why you should own a shower massager, how any woman can install her own, what other women are saying about theirs and where to buy one.

Sure, a vibrator feels great, and a romp with your lover is excellent as well, but nothing beats the convenience, cleanliness and warmth of the pulsating shower wand. It is as if my orgasm is lying just below the suface and the water's flow rinses away all of the stress, distress, and pain to reveal a beautiful climax.

I call the site bathing the kitty after a cute name for female masturbation. I would be surprised if the entire site took more than 15 minutes to read. Hopefully, it will have a positive impact.