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    How to masturbate using a massaging shower head:

    • Start by just thinking about how good a shower feels. The warm flow of water over your body is a very luxurious and pleasurable activity. Take the time to really feel how it feels on your face, back, legs, breast, stomach. You deserve this shower and the pleasure it provides.
    • Switch the shower head to pulsate or whatever setting causes it to massage. This is probably the setting you will find most pleasurable.
    • You will probably only have to spray around the area of your clitoris. The vibrations from the shower massager will be stronger than almost any vibrator, so you may want to temper it. Sometimes a direct spray can be too much. Blocking the strength of the spray by putting your hand on your clitoris and then spraying your hand might work well for you.
    • You might want to lie down in the tub, a strong orgasm can weeken the knees and result in an embarrassing bump on your head or worse, a trip to the ER.
    • Try not to spray into your vagina too much, too much rinsing in there can disrupt your natural balance.
    • The beauty of a romp in the shower is that the bathroom is one of the few places in this world where we can remain undisturbed. If you live with others, have a relationship that might not be fulfilling, or just need some time alone, you might find that spending some time to bathe the kitty is a great escape.